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locator mapThe Glacial Heritage Area (GHA) is a network of parks, wildlife and natural areas, historic and cultural sites connected to each other and nearby cities and villages by trails and waterways and preserves, all connected by trails and waterways — like and pearls on a string.

It provides recreational activities, preserves wildlife and water resources, complements voluntary protection of working farms, combines ecology and economies to improve residents' quality of life and unites various groups with common the common goal of preserving these precious pearls.

This string of pearls is also an economic development engine that meets a growing demand for accessible and diverse recreational choices between Madison and Milwaukee. It provides exciting economic development opportunities, such as goods and services sold to GHA users, attracting potential customers to businesses within the region and by promoting the area's businesses and agricultural interests.

Parts of the network are in place and offer exceptional opportunities to bike, bird watch, hunt, paddle, fish, and hike. Additional portions are in the works.

Come to visit!

To learn more about GHA, the opportunities it provides, how you can help, or to get a recreation asset map, contact:

Joseph Nehmer, Director
Jefferson County Parks
(920) 674-7260

Greg Matthews, GHA Project Manager,
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
(608) 275-3320

Friends of Glacial Heritage Area
(608) 764-5932

Holzhueter Conservation Park Implementation Plan

The Department of Natural Resources and Jefferson County are seeking public comment between now and October 9 on an Implementation Plan for the 175-acre Holzhueter Conservation Park located off Island Road in the town of Waterloo. The conservation park is part of the much larger Glacial Heritage Area (GHA) and will be owned by DNR and managed by Jefferson County. Once developed, the expansive acreage and topography of the park provide for a variety of trail uses including mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hunting and nature interpretation/appreciation. [more details...]

New Crawfish River Park

The University of Wisconsin Extension - Jefferson County, and the Jefferson County Parks Department are seeking your input between now and November 14 for the planning of our new Crawfish River County Park located immediately west of the City of Jefferson. Your thoughts and ideas will help to shape the future of this park. [more details...]

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