The Friends of the Glacial Heritage Area (FOGHA) is a 503(c)(3) organization with the goal of increasing the educational and recreational opportunities of the Glacial Heritage Area (GHA) in south central Wisconsin (where is the GHA?).

The GHA was defined and created in 2011 as an outcome of theĀ Wisconsin Land Legacy Report. The project identified areas of the state that were important to conserve and that were under development threat. The GHA was one of those high priority areas. Since then, both state and local governments have worked to increase the amount of protected public land and recreational opportunities in the area.

FOGHA is run by an “active,” all-volunteer board of directors which run the organization and schedule and plan events. We work closely with the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department and other Friends groups within the region.

Board of directors

Frankie Fuller, President
Clare Carlson, Treasurer
Eric Compas, Secretary
Sue Volenec
Bob Volenec