Why Here?

cross-country skiingOne of the GHA's primary goals is to provide convenient and readily accessible recreational opportunities close to where people live. The plan was created to preserve these precious pearls and yet stimulate economic growth by sharing them with others.

This area supports high quality grasslands, wetlands and forests interspersed with productive agricultural land. It provides a unique opportunity to protect a landscape that harbors a wide-variety of habitats provides a wide range of outdoor, nature-based recreation and sustains viable farming operation.

The GHA area is located between two of Wisconsin's largest metropolitan areas – Madison and Milwaukee. It is primarily in Jefferson County but portions are in Dane, Dodge and Rock counties. It offers excellent recreational opportunities for residents in the immediate area and those from outside the region. The GHA is not a county or state facility. It's not a bike or walking trail. It is all of these.

It extends to dozens of public conservation areas in four counties with future planned public conservation areas tied together by bike, pedestrian and waterway trails. The cluster is described as pearls on a string. The pearls are our valuable natural resource areas and the string is the connecting trails.

Recreation Opportunities map

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